Keysight N4985A-S50 | System Leistungsverstärker, 100 kHz - 50 GHz, bis zu 22 dBm

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The N4985A-S50 system amplifier is a high performance, broadband (over 18 octaves) amplifier...


Keysight N4985A-S30 | 100 kHz to 50 GHz broadband RF amplifier.

The N4985A-S50 system amplifier is a high performance, broadband (over 18 octaves) amplifier featuring baseband RF (< 100 kHz) through millimeter wave (> 50 GHz) frequency coverage. The amplifier is designed to be a multi-use laboratory RF Amplifier as a gain block for frequency domain applications or as a time domain pulse amplifier. It's small size and versatile performance make it an excellent selection as a general purpose gain block with moderate power output in a single package potentially replacing 2 or 3 narrower band amplifiers.

ApplicationsThe N4985A-S50 system amplifier is an often needed companion to synthesized signal generators and microwave sources. The amplifier's small size allows close placement to the DUT or test fixture. High gain and greater than 20 dBm output power will overcome long cable losses from the signal source and provide the additional output power needed in many development and test applications.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Frequency range (GHz): 100 kHz to 50 GHz
  • > 20 dBm Psat at 40 GHz
  • > 27 dB gain to 45 GHz
  • Useful gain to 65 GHz
  • < 6 dB noise figure
  • AC power supply included
  • Small size: 3.5" x 3.5" x 1"
  • RF connectors (input/output): 2.92 mm (f)
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