Keysight Application Note 5992-3448EN | Automotive Ethernet

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Application Note 5992-3448EN | Automotive Ethernet
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Keysight App-Note :: Putting the Future in Motion with Automotive Ethernet Automobile...


Keysight App-Note :: Putting the Future in Motion with Automotive Ethernet

Automobile innovating is accelerating at a rapid pace. Built-in infotainment systems—information and entertainment—demand higher speed wireless connections. Advanced electronic safety and convenience systems, built with cameras, radar, and lidar, are driving exponential data growth. All this data is travelling on wired networks inside next-generation vehicles. Integrating these technologies is one of the biggest challenges facing the Interior division of Continental Aktiengesellschaft (AG) of Hanover, Germany. Information management in and beyond the vehicle is at the very heart of the Interior division. The product portfolio includes: instrument clusters, multifunctional and headup displays, control units, access control and tire-information systems, radios, infotainment systems, input devices, control panels, climate control units,software, cockpits as well as services and solutions for telematics and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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