Chroma 3302 | Automatic Component Analyzer 20 Hz - 1 MHz, LCR + transformer testing

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Chroma 3302
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The 3302 Transformer Test System are the precision test systems, designed for transformer...


Chroma 3302 | Automatic Component Analyzer with LCR + transformer testing and frequency characteristics analysis function. Test frequency 20Hz~1 MHz.

The 3302 Transformer Test System are the precision test systems, designed for transformer production line or incoming/outgoing inspection in quality control process, with high stability and high reliability.

The 3302 provide 20Hz-1MHz test frequencies. In addition to transformer scanning test function, the 3302 have LCR Meter function. In test items, The 3302 cover most of transformer's low-voltage test parameters which include primar y test parameters as Inductance, Leakage Inductance, Turns-Ratio, DC resistance, Impedance, and Capacitance (between windings) etc.; secondary test parameters as Quality Factor and ESR etc.; and pin-short test function. High-speed digital sampling measurement technology combined with scanning test fixture (A132501) design, improve low-efficiency transformer inspection to be more accurate and faster.

The 3302 even provide several output impedance selection to solve inductance measurement error problem caused by different test current caused by different output impedance provided by different LCR Meters. And, equivalent turns-ratio calculated from measured inductance of windings is also provided to improve turnsratio measurement error problem caused by large leakage magnetic flux in transformer with low permeability magnetic core. In addition to transformer scanning test function, the 3302 have LCR Meter function, can be used in component incoming/outgoing inspection, analysis and automatic production line.

Key Features and Highlights:

  • Transformer scanning: Turn Ratio, Phase, Turn, L, Q, Leakage L, Balance, ACR, Cp, DCR, Pin Short
  • LCR-Meter: L, C, R, |Z|, Y, DCR, Q, D, R, X, θ, Ratio (dB)
  • Test frequency: 20Hz~1MHz, 0.02% accuracy
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
  • Different output impedance modes, measurement results are compatible with other well-known LCR meters
  • Enhanced Turn Ratio measurement accuracy for low permeability core
  • Fast Inductance/ Turn Ratio measurement speed up to 80 meas./sec
  • Fast DCR measurement speed up to 50 meas./sec
  • Graphical and tabular display of swept frequency, voltage current and bias current measurements
  • Build-in 8mA bias for RJ45 transmission transformer saturation condition (option)
  • Leakage inductance 100 bin sorting and balance of leakage inductance for TV inverter transformer
  • ALC (Auto Level Compensation) function for MLCC measurement
  • Test fixture residual capacitance compensation for transformer inductance measurement
  • 1320 Bias Current Source directly control capability
  • 320x240 dot-matrix LCD display
  • Support versatile standard and custom-design test jigs
  • Four-terminal test for accurate, stable DCR, inductance and turn ratio measurements
  • Built-in comparator; 10 bin sorting with counter capability
  • Lk standard value with Lx measure value
  • 4M SRAM memory card, for setup back-up between units
  • Standard RS-232, Handler, and Printer Interface, option GPIB Interface for LCR function only
  • 15 internal instrument setups for store/recall capability
  • Dimension (H x W x D): 177 x 430 x 300 mm
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