Pico PQ087

1000V CATIII für PicoScope 4444, 25:1, DB9 Stecker


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Pico PQ087 | Tastkopf Differentiell, PicoConnect 442, 10 MHz Bandbreite, 1000V CATIII für...

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Pico PQ087 | Tastkopf Differentiell, PicoConnect 442, 10 MHz Bandbreite, 1000V CATIII für Oszilloskope PicoScope 4444, 25:1, DB9 Stecker.

The PicoConnect 442 is a passive differential voltage measurement probe with 25:1 attenuation and 10 MHz bandwidth. It is rated for use up to 1000 V CAT III, and using this probe with the PicoScope 4444 is the most cost-effective way to make these measurements safely on multiple channels.

With no need for a battery pack, the PicoConnect 442 is suitable for short- and longer-term voltage measurements. Its powered and connected to the PicoScope 4444 via the D9 connector which is automatically identified by PicoScope software.

The probe is double-insulated to eliminate the need for a safety ground. It is fitted with shrouded 4 mm banana leads and comes with a selection of suitable test probes.

Applications for this probe include testing the equipment listed for Overvoltage Category III under EN 61010‑1:2010, such as measuring voltages on distribution boards, circuit breakers, and fixed socket outlets.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Lowest cost per channel method of making 1000 V CAT III measurements safely.
  • Probe is powered and identified by the scope
  • Probe is double insulated to avoid the need for a safety round
  • Uses industry standard shrouded 4 mm ‘banana' style leads for use with many compatible test probes.


  • Single phase voltage, current and power quality monitoring and analysis up to 1000 V CAT III environments.
  • 3 Phase voltage analysis. Also power analysis with addition of compatible current probes
  • Industrial equipment, motor controllers, power control, power supplies.
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