Rohde&Schwarz RTM-K18 | Spektrumanalyse/Spektrogramm-Option, für Oszilloskope RTM3000 (1335.8913.03)

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Spectrum analysis: identify interactions between time and frequency. Fast and precise...


Rohde & Schwarz RTM-K18 | Spektrum Analyse Option für Oszilloskop RTM300x / Nachrüstung.

Spectrum analysis: identify interactions between time and frequency.

Fast and precise analysis.
Difficult-to-find faults often result from the interaction between time and frequency signals. The R&S®RTM-K18 spectrum analysis and spectrogram option quickly finds such errors. Like on a spectrum analyzer, parameters such as center frequency and resolution bandwidth can be adapted to the specific measurement task. The oscilloscope automatically selects the relevant time domain settings. Optimum performance ensures the fastest multidomain analysis in this oscilloscope class.

Spectrogram: display of frequency over time.
A spectrogram displays the spectrum of frequencies as they vary over time. For easy interpretation, the magnitude can be color-coded. Thanks to the high FFT rate, even fast frequency changes can be displayed. When used in combination with the history and segmented memory, the spectrogram marker shows the time of the acquisition and makes it possible to load the corresponding time and frequency waveforms onto the screen. All R&S®RTM3000 tools can be used to analyze the loaded waveforms.

Markers: find peaks automatically.
Markers can be automatically positioned on the frequency peaks for fast analysis. An adaptable threshold defines the peaks. Parameters such as excursion and maximum peak width can be adjusted for in-depth analysis. Results can be compiled in a table (absolute or relative to a specific reference marker). Selectable delta measurements make it easy to adjust the distances between signal peaks.

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