Keysight N8843A

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Keysight N8843A | I3C Protocol triggering and decode for Infiniium series oscilloscope....

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Keysight N8843A | I3C Protocol triggering and decode for Infiniium series oscilloscope.

I3C (Improved Inter Integrated Circuit) sensor interface is new interface for improve upon the feature of I2C and provide backward compatibility with Legacy I2C Devices. I3C is a two wire bidirectional serial Bus, optimized for multiple sensor Slave Devices and controlled by only one I3C master device at a time. I3C support higher speed than Legacy I2C which is 12.5MHz and supporting several new high data rate (HDR) mode called as HDR-DDR (Double Data Rate), HDR-TSL (Ternary Symbol Legacy) and HDR-TSL (Ternary Symbol for Pure bus).

Keysight N8843A I3C protocol triggering and decode software application will help the engineer to see on both protocol side and waveform at a time with time-correlated between waveform and protocol window. So that they can easily find the issue is occur on protocol layer or physical layer.

I3C is one of specification defined by MIPI Alliance.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Set up your Infiniium oscilloscope to show I3C protocol decode in less than 30 seconds
  • Supporting Legacy I2C and I3C slave/master at one decoding
  • Use time-correlated views to quickly troubleshoot protocol problems back to timing or signal integrity root cause
  • Hardware-based triggering is supported by S-series oscilloscope.

Compatible oscilloscopes

  • Infiniium 9000A or S-series oscilloscope
  • Infiniium 90000A, V-series, 90000X, Z-series oscilloscope


  • Window 7 or above operating system
  • Infiniium 5.70 or higher software revision
  • High impedance passive probes
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