Keysight N8818A

Protocol Decode

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Keysight N8818A | UFS (M-PHY) Protocol Decode for Infiniium 90000 Series Oscilloscopes....

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Keysight N8818A | UFS (M-PHY) Protocol Decode for Infiniium 90000 Series Oscilloscopes.

Emerging serial bus standards in the wireless mobile industry have created the need to test and debug UFS (M-PHY) interface.

Keysight's 90000 Series oscilloscope offers both compliance and protocol analysis for UFS designs. The UFS protocol decode application enables faster and better development of wireless mobile products employing the JEDEC technology.

The protocol analysis application lets teams quickly move from physical layer to protocol layer measurements and includes software-based triggering.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Set up your oscilloscope to show UFS (M-PHY) protocol decode in less than 30 seconds
  • Get access to a rich set of integrated software-based protocol-level triggers
  • Save time and eliminate errors by viewing packets at the protocol level
  • Use time-correlated views to quickly troubleshoot serial protocol problems back to their timing or signal integrity root cause
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