Keysight N5290A PNA | Netzwerkanalysator-System mit mm-Wave-Köpfen, 2-/4-Port, 900 (500) Hz bis 110 GHz

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Broadband 2 or 4 port network analyzer covering from 900 Hz to 110 GHz with PNA or PNA-X network...


Keysight N5290A | Broadband 2 or 4 port network analyzer, 900 Hz to 110 GHz, MM-Wave System.

Broadband 2 or 4 port network analyzer covering from 900 Hz to 110 GHz with PNA or PNA-X network analyzer, test set controller and frequency extender.

Broadband millimeter-wave network analyzer solution that delivers unparalleled system-level accuracy up to 120 GHz. The Keysight N5290/91A solutions produce metrology-grade results that enable leading-edge developers to confidently characterize their millimeter-wave designs.

The solution enhances device characterization and modeling by delivering exceptional stability and accuracy for on-wafer and connectorized measurements. Magnitude stability is less than 0.015 dB and phase accuracy is less than 0.15 degrees over a 24-hour period.

Leveraging Keysight's proven expertise in metrology, the solution's calibration capabilities are based on an improved-accuracy database that supports a 1.0 mm calibration kit (85059B) and a 1.0 mm verification kit (85059V). With this foundation, the broadband millimeter-wave solution provides measurement results that are traceable to national metrology institutes.

Core elements of the system are a Keysight PNA or PNA-X network analyzer, along with N5293A Series compact frequency extenders and the N5292A test-set controller. To simplify benchtop measurements, engineers can mount the frequency extenders on an optional desktop positioner.

Ruggedized 1.0 mm test ports ensure repeatable connections that improve calibration uncertainty and therefore system-level measurement precision. Users can apply automatic fixture de-embedding to connectorized measurements or perform calibration at the probe tips during on-wafer measurements.

The optional 900 Hz start frequency, with Options 205 or 425, enables engineers to characterize the low-frequency performance of their devices. This is especially useful when measuring the low-loss transmission line structures that are commonly used in high-speed digital applications.

Key Features and Functions:

  • Single-sweep solution with compact frequency extenders
  • Purchase as a single product solution
  • Accurate leveled power can be applied to the device, providing the ability to sweep power
  • Available various software application for detail analysis
  • Standard frequency range 900 Hz to 120 GHz
  • Extended frequencies 500 Hz to xxx GHz
  • Max output power greater then 0 dBm at 110 GHz
  • Built in 50V, 1A Kelvin Bias Tee
  • Magnitude stability of ±0.015 dB over 24 hours across the frequency range
  • Phase stability of ±0.15 degrees over 24 hours across the frequency range
  • Available in 2-Port and 4-Port configurations
  • Compact module design N5295AX03, with no cooling fans
  • Smart modules with built-in thermal management
  • Factory calibrated source power at 1.0 mm port
  • On wafer fixturing for existing Cascade probe stations
  • Ruggedized IEEE 287-2007 standards compliant 1.0 mm test port connector
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